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How To Purchase A Car In The U.S.



When it comes to buying cheaper, you can certainly do it outside the U.K. Even with taxes, fees, and deliveries – when you’re in the market for a U.S. car there’s really only one place to shop. The best online marketplace that has the best car buying guide available on the internet. While you might not think there is such a thing, the U.S. has an excellent online comparison site that can help you get into the U.S. new or used car of your dreams even from across the pond. So, what website should you trust when it comes to buying a car in the United States?

A website that offers you every ounce of knowledge and easy comparison tools to help you better understand the U.S. car buying market, as well as the economic value of your dream car. A website that can help you search thousands of American dealerships for the right car at the right price. Hands down, that online marketplace with a comprehensive buyers guide is A leading online destination, can help you purchase exactly what you want even from the U.K. Why are they the best way to shop cars?

With you can easily research every car on the market, and for those of you that want American Made they offer you something quite special. The American-Made Index is a long standing guide to help you understand just what cars are truly American. In 2017, they revamped the guide to feature a more comprehensive analysis of cars manufactured in the U.S. The American-Made Index ranks cars on whether they are assembled with U.S. made parts, if their engines are sourced in the U.S., and just how many U.S. jobs support the manufacture of the vehicle. If you love American vehicles, this top 10 will be something to see.

Of course, those aren’t the only reasons is the best way to purchase a car in the U.S. You can research and compare car models by the care features you want, and do a side by side comparison of popular car models in the U.S. also gives you the latest and greatest trends to hit the most popular U.S. auto shows in cities like Detroit, Chicago, LA, and NY. There is even a tool to check for the latest safety checks and awards for different cars in the U.S.

Whether you’re looking for a car that has a bigger boot, more legroom, or a lot more technology – is the way to shop in the U.S. Not only is it the best way to compare cars, you can read tons of consumer reviews from honest car buyers just like yourself. Consumer reviews are the best way to keep from buying an old banger – especially when you are looking at cars that are sale by owner. Simply put: this is the best place to keep up to date on the latest U.S. car news, reviews, and trends when you use this brilliant online marketplace.

Helpful Tips and Tricks for the Fashion Minded Person on a Budget


We all know someone who has a fantastic sense of style. No matter what the occasion is they have an outfit for it. They are always dressed to the nines and ready to impress anyone they come in contact with. They constantly exude confidence, stoicism, strength, good taste, and business acumen. Seeing their wardrobe can leave you feeling like yours is inferior. You may be feeling like your wardrobe needs to be upgraded. This can be a stressful and expensive process. You may find yourself wanting to pull your hair out and scream “how can I upgrade my wardrobe without breaking the bank and dipping into my hard earned savings”. Fret no more! Thankfully this helpful guide will give you some real world tips and tricks for saving money and reducing stress. Follow some of these excellent tips and tricks the next time you go shopping.

Always Go Directly to the Source Whenever Possible

If you are in the market for a new wardrobe your first instinct may be to go to a, Dillards, Macy’s, or Belk. These stores offer a wide variety of designers and brand names under the same roof. While this is convenient customers often pay higher prices at the register. Rather than go to the box stores head directly to the manufacturer. You will consistently get better deals at the manufacturer. In the market for a new pair of shoes? Head on over to Looking for a new winter coat? Check out the nearest London Fog outlet. Need a new bottle of perfume? JCPenney  is a great place to start. No matter what you need the manufacturer is the best place to get it. Consider this tip the next time you need to upgrade your wardrobe. Your wallet and your sanity will thank you.

Check Out The Nearest Consignment Shop for Fantastic Deals

If you are preparing to upgrade your wardrobe you may want to consider going to the nearest consignment shop. You can get hundreds of dollars of savings on high end designer clothing brands. Consignment shops take lightly used clothing with no discernible signs of wear and wash them. Once they are washed and sorted they are consolidated onto racks for customers to buy. These items are a fraction of the cost of what you would expect to pay for a new item. Consignment shops even have exchange programs where you can exchange your old clothing items for some new to you ones. Consider this excellent tip the next time you go shopping. Both your wallet and your stress levels will thank you.

Five Tips for Selling your BMW



How to Achieve a Quick Sale at the Best Price

There are lots of ways to sell a car. How can you achieve the best price with the minimal delay and inconvenience?

After a house, a car is the second most expensive investment most of us are ever likely to make. The difference is that while buying and selling a house is very procedural, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to your car.

If you have a popular and high end motor car such as a BMW, the process can be a worrying one, but the truth is that no car lasts forever, and it is something we all have to face sooner or later. Here are our top four tips for selling your BMW quickly and easily.

1) Get expert assistance

Many people choose to sell their car privately, but for a high value, luxury car, that route can lead to more trouble than it is worth. By using a specialist car buying company, you can sell your BMW quickly, and be safe in the knowledge that you are getting a fair market rate.

Some might argue that you can achieve a better price selling it privately – in some cases that is true, but it is by no means a certainty. You also have the additional costs of listing it and the stress and inconvenience of having prospective buyers inspecting, asking for test drives, finding faults that might or might not exist, arguing over the price and then failing to come up with the money.

Is it really worth the time and aggravation, for a gain that might not even transpire?

2) Information adds value

Whether you follow tip one or you decide to go it alone, or even if you go direct to a main dealer for a trade in, you need to provide as much detail as possible about your car.

Have information such as mileage and service history close to hand, and if you have invested in any repairs or improvements, whether it is a replacement clutch or an after market tracking device, make sure you mention it.

3) Give it a clean

It might sound obvious, but you would be amazed at the difference it can make to ensure the car looks clean and tidy. Invest in a professional valet inside and out, and keep it that way. This is not always easy if you are still using your BMW while it is on the market, but at least make sure you do not let junk accumulate, and try to keep the kids and the dog out of it once you’ve got it looking spotless!

4) Photographs

If you do decide to sell privately, the chances are, you will be listing the car online. Remember, a picture tells a thousand words, so take plenty of snaps to show your beautiful BMW from every angle.

Don’t forget to take some of the inside as well, and try to get a good clear one of the odometer and the instrument panel with the engine on – to show prospective buyers that the mileage is genuine and there are no alarming warning lights showing.

Sun Protection: Stylish Covers Never Fade Away



If you live in a hot, sunny climate, you know the need to wear sunscreen. What about your vehicle? The hot sun not only heats up your vehicle’s interior, but it can fade the upholstery. Custom seat covers from CalTrend are the perfect solution. They are attractive yet rugged, come in a variety of styles and colors, and they can keep your upholstery looking new for years to come.


CalTrend’s DuraPlus seat covers are designed for busy families, outdoor lovers and work-truck owners. They provide a customized fit for SUVs and trucks, and the canvas-like fabric is tough. It resists UV rays, mildew and scuffs. In fact, DuraPlus itself is fade-resistant, so while it protects your original upholstery from losing its good looks, it will continue to look great for a long time. DuraPlus, however, is only one of a large collection of versatile fabrics designed to fit into any lifestyle.

Waterproof and Water-Resistant Cover Choices

Sunny weather means an increase in outdoor activities. Great for families, outdoor enthusiasts and lovers of water sports (think surfing), CalTrend’s waterproof and water-resistant covers shrug off mildew and stains and look good doing it. The choices include:

  • NeoSupreme – Made from a fabric similar to that used to construct wetsuits. Repels water and resists UV rays.
  • Neoprene – Sporty but attractive fabric with thick foam cushioning. Resists water, UV rays, mildew, stains and fading.

Fun yet Sturdy Cover Choices

Interests, activities and tastes as are individual as every person, so CalTrend makes many different fabric textures and patterns so that you can love the way your vehicle looks while you protect the original upholstery from fading.

  • Pet Print – Tough, stylish fabric that stands up to claws while keeping everyone—animal and human—comfortable.
  • Retro Camo – Rugged, canvas-like fabric in a trendy retro print. Resistant to UV rays, water and mildew.

CalTrend’s seat covers let you stylishly protect your upholstery from the sun. Contact us to begin your custom order for quality seat covers today.

Find The Perfect Paint For Your Classic Car


Description: How to find the best paint match for your classic car. Using the knowledge of fellow enthusiasts and seeking expert help from colour services companies.

Tackling the problems of finding an accurate colour match for older cars

A key part of renovating a classic car is repainting it in its original colour. This can be a very difficult part of the process for older cars where the exact colour ‘name’ as given by the manufacturer is unknown, or the appearance of the original colour has deteriorated over time. Fortunately, specialist help and advanced colour matching techniques are at hand.

Defining ‘classic’ in classic cars

A classic car can mean different things depending on who you talk to. In the USA there are more specific definitions as many states have their particular taxation criteria based on age, but here in the UK it’s less clear cut; this article sheds some light on it.

As it will likely be an older car, the original paint may have long since faded and maybe even been covered up in a totally different shade in an ill-advised respray undertaken some time previously.

So how to find out what paint colour should be used?

Owners’ clubs

If there’s an owners’ club or some type of community – quite likely these days with the advent of social media and online forums covering specific interests – this is a worthwhile first port of call. A photo of the car posted in the relevant forum or social media platform may reveal very quickly what colour you should be looking for.

It it’s less obvious, maybe a certain shade of blue as opposed to a bright colour like yellow or orange, you may have to arrange for someone to physically examine the car’s paintwork. This could be a worthwhile step if you’re fully committed to getting the best restoration possible for your classic car project.

Paint codes

Your car may have the paint code somewhere on the bodywork or maybe on one of the door jams. Somewhat confusingly the code may not bear any relation to the colour; for example ‘brown’ may not have the letter ‘B’ anywhere in it, but if you can find the code this makes for a good starting point.

Finding it could be a challenge; again owners’ clubs and other knowledgable people on forums may be able to help for your make or maybe the dealership (if it’s a marque still operating) may be able to help you find the paint code.

Armed with this information, you can go to a paint specialist to get an accurate colour match. Some have an online database of paint codes for cars and what colours they relate to.

Specialist colour matching

To find an exact colour match may require more specific and specialist help; even when the colour has been identified there can be variations amongst the same shades. This is sometimes down to weathering and fading over the years, and the fact manufacturers have tended to use different paint suppliers who inevitably may provide different variations on the same basic shade.

Specialist technical equipment such as a spectrophotometer is used by some colour services companies; this machine measures colour electronically and can produce very accurate colour matching results. This can help enormously if you haven’t got a paint code.

In order to enable the colour company to determine your paint colour this way, you’d need to provide a sample such as a fuel filler cap, flap or other reasonably sized area. Further information would be important such as the manufacturer, model, year of manufacture and a general description of what colour the car should be.

You can usually send the item to be analysed in via courier and they’ll return it once they’ve analysed it and prepared matching paint for you.

If you’re only looking to paint some of the car it’s vital that the sample comes from the area that you’ll be painting. If, for example, you supply the fuel filler cap but you’re actually painting a couple of panels on the other side you may not get an exact match.

Detective work

Sometimes a very old car that requires major renovation may be in such a poor state that even identifying what shade beyond a vague ‘possibly blue or maybe green’ is almost impossible. In these cases, a visit to view the car from a colour expert may be required.

They may have to carefully remove layers of colour to ascertain what the original would have been, and research colours of the time from the specific manufacturer of the particular model you own.

Use the experts

Things have come a long way since body repairers ordered some paint and mixed it in the hope it would provide a colour match. Using the specialist help discussed above you stand a very good chance of finding the paint to do your classic car justice.


Tips For Saving Money On Motorcycle Spare Parts


As much fun as owning a motorcycle can be, it can also be pretty expensive too.  This is very true especially when your bike breaks down or you want to change some of the parts up.  The price of all the parts, especially if you try to source the original parts to match what the bike had when you bought it, can be a real strain on your bank account.  Fortunately, there are a few ways you can save some money on parts, and to help you get on the right path we have put together a list of some of the best ways below.

Local Junk-yards

Local junk yards are a great place to look for bike parts.  You have to be ready to get dirty though as often you may have to look at the actual bikes, one at a time, which can also be very time consuming.  You also should bring along tools you will need to remove the parts you need.  If this is possible in your local area, as it is not always possible everywhere, it could be a great way to save some money.

Check Online Auction Sites

Another excellent way, that although can be hit and miss at times, is worth spending some time on is looking at online auction sites.  You may be able to find some bargains, but you also need to be sure to read the descriptions properly and ask the sellers questions if you need to, to ensure you know exactly what you are getting and that it is the right part and will fit on your bike.

Shop Online

As most online retailers have lower overheads, you will find that generally they are able to offer lower prices than physical stores.  After all, they don’t have to worry about things like retail space rental.  It is important that you consider shipping costs into your parts search though.  As one shop may have lower prices on the actual items, but have higher shipping prices.

OEM Parts

One consideration you should really take on board is whether or not you want to buy OEM motorcycle parts, from a store like  Now it really depends on make and model, whether they are actually cheaper or not, but you will probably find you can save some money compared to the price you may have to pay going directly to a dealership or actual official parts store.

One of the other great things about cheap motorcycle parts, particularly the OEM variety is that you can customise your bike as you repair it and make it more individual.  If you are like most bikers, you undoubtedly love a specific make and model of bike, but also want to stand out a little from the crowd.  OEM parts are great for that, as you can pick and choose and alter how the bike actually looks, feels, performs and even things like how fast it will run.

self driving car

Self Driving Cars: Will We See Them in Traffic in 2016?




Self driving cars are a concept that has intrigued people for a long time. There are a lot of concepts under development – Google is a major name that has dedicated a lot of effort to them, and Apple is rumored to build one itself. And a lot of progress has been made in this matter: we could see Johnny Cab (the computer-controlled taxi from the old Total Recall movie) roam the streets soon. But how soon?

Google’s Sergey Brin told the public in 2012 that self-driving cars might make it to the streets as early as 2017. Later another Google executive has updated this estimate, pushing out the release date of such products to the years between 2017 and 2020 – which is more realistic. One thing is for sure: we won’t see a truly autonomous car in traffic this year. So, if your dream was to play all slots online casino games while “driving” to work, you’ll have to wait a few years to fulfill it.

But if you are eager to try driving without driving, you’ll need to buy a Tesla – more specifically, a Model S. The car uses a combination of cameras, radar and ultrasonic sensors, plus the data provided to it over the air, to drive autonomously. While still under development, Tesla’s “Autopilot” feature shows a lot of promise. Today its Autosteer feature can keep the car in its lane, maintains the car’s speed and will even change lanes automatically once the driver signals this intention. It’s not a fully automated system – it requires the driver to keep hands on the steering wheel. It merely assists the driver and makes the driving experience easier.

We’ll most likely see a series of new features introduced this year, which will bring us close to self-driving cars. Mercedes plans to launch its “Autobahn Pilot” which will allow autonomous driving on the highway, and even overtaking of other vehicles automatically. Dutch tech company Mobileye is planning to release a similar feature this year, followed by a similar set of features for country roads in 2017. But more exciting products are on their way to be released the following years, like Tesla’s fully autonomous car (which will allow the driver even to fall asleep), or Chinese tech giant Baidu’s self-driving car which will take on Beijing’s crazy traffic.

If you enjoy driving, don’t despair: self-driving cars will not become mainstream for at least five years, and will only overtake traditional cars on the road by 2035. Until then you’ll have to make do with what you have – the roar of the engine, the asphalt under the wheels, and the wind in your hair while you steer.

revolutionize car industry

5 Apps That Will Revolutionize the Car Industry

With today’s advancement in technology, we’re seeing more apps and gadgets that are set to revolutionize how we drive, how our cars function and even their maintenance. From smaller changes that help make a drive more comfortable to making engines more gas-efficient, we’re entering a new generation of vehicle technology that combines smartphones with car mechanics. These are just some of the many apps out there that are bound to make an impact.

  1. Combination Chip Tuner/Mobile App
    revolutionize car industry
    In the past, chip tuners had to be manually adjusted in order to select the ideal customization for your car. Although the installation was and is very easy, the information gathered by the chip tuner was less accessible. Today’s chip tuners have jumped leaps and bounds in their technological advancement, combining the power of smartphones with the installed chip tuners.  Using a handy app like RaceChip, you can now control the performance settings of the engine, thus allowing you to select performance levels based on efficiency, sport or race. This is also widely accessible to most vehicle owners: you can easily find a racechip for your car as there are customized chip boxes and software available for more than 3,000 vehicle models from over 60 manufacturers.
  2. Android Auto
    Forget separate smartphones – that’s the past. The future has Android already installed within all cars, with an accessible screen for the driver in the front panel. Already built into the dashboard and ready to run, the Android Auto works as an infotainment system with all necessary pre-installed apps, including Google Maps, phone, voicemail, music, and so on. Everything runs on voice command, so no more dangerous situations of looking down while driving to change the radio station, song or even text.
  3. “Are We There Yet?”
    This is a smaller revolution for parents who can no longer put up with the ever-annoying and popular question from children. Similar to a screen on an airplane, the “Are We There Yet” app for kids runs in a back display or smartphone to show your children an animation of the distance and arrival time. It’s easy to program and could be the new go-to system for all cars and public transportation world-wide. No longer will arrival time be a mystery, as with this smart but simple app, everyone in the vehicle will know the car’s status.

  4. Maintenance Through Virtual Reality
    revolutionize car industry
    We are now in the generation of self-fixers, regular people who fix their own gadgets and mechanics with the handy help of Youtube videos and online tutorials. So it should be no different when it comes to cars. Introducing the Virtual Guide, an app that shows you how to change oil and perform maintenance duties. The app will connect to your car to understand its status, provide recommendations and show you a diagram and image of your car’s engine or interior. Using videos and tips, any beginner will be able to follow along.

  5. Manual Actions are in the Past
    As technology advances and we become so interconnected to it, manual movements and processes like locking cars through keys are no longer relevant. The entire lock and unlock system is already being integrated fully into smartphones and especially smart watches. However, the deviation away from keys is being taken even further, as engines will be remotely started from smartphones, as will the ability to honk the horn and flash lights. This is particularly helpful in situations where cars are stolen, as the GPS system will locate the car and even allow you to stop the engine safely and cause a raucous from afar.



air mover black

Why the Auto Industry Uses Air Blowers

Commercial air blower’s use in the auto industry is extremely important to help maintain the health of auto technician workers. There are many hazards in the auto industry workplaces, these workers need to take precautions in several ways.  If they ingest, inhale, or absorb many substances they work around their health can be put at serious risk. Many times they need to wear protective clothing, depending where in the auto industry they are employed. In every part, each employee needs to take precaution in handling things. It is most important to take extreme caution of what they are breathing in. Air movers can help clear away any hazardous fumes that are in the same areas as these workers.

All Auto Shops Could Benefit from Air Blowers

The number one source of hazardous fumes is exhaust fumes and engine emissions. On top on these fumes, there are other noxious fumes and chemicals in the air that need to be cleared away. Auto industries are known to weld, sand, cut, and prime which all leave small but harmful particles floating in the air. Auto body shops use paint and paint thinners which have fumes that can be potentially hazardous. When commercial air blowers are used in the auto industry in conjunction with air scrubbers, air not only get cleared away but cleaned also.

The air blower will clear away all the fumes, odors, and dust in the air, while the air scrubber removes hazardous particles and chemicals floating in the air. With the two of them working together, auto industry technicians have a much healthier working environment to breathe in.

Commercial air blowers are needed everywhere in the auto industry to help maintain healthier air for the workers. Without their use, workers would be continually getting sick from fumes, possibly even pass out while on the job. Contact Aer Industries for wholesale and bulk packages on air blower for auto shops.