revolutionize car industry

With today’s advancement in technology, we’re seeing more apps and gadgets that are set to revolutionize how we drive, how our cars function and even their maintenance. From smaller changes that help make a drive more comfortable to making engines more gas-efficient, we’re entering a new generation of vehicle technology that combines smartphones with car mechanics. These are just some of the many apps out there that are bound to make an impact.

  1. Combination Chip Tuner/Mobile App
    revolutionize car industry
    In the past, chip tuners had to be manually adjusted in order to select the ideal customization for your car. Although the installation was and is very easy, the information gathered by the chip tuner was less accessible. Today’s chip tuners have jumped leaps and bounds in their technological advancement, combining the power of smartphones with the installed chip tuners.  Using a handy app like RaceChip, you can now control the performance settings of the engine, thus allowing you to select performance levels based on efficiency, sport or race. This is also widely accessible to most vehicle owners: you can easily find a racechip for your car as there are customized chip boxes and software available for more than 3,000 vehicle models from over 60 manufacturers.
  2. Android Auto
    Forget separate smartphones – that’s the past. The future has Android already installed within all cars, with an accessible screen for the driver in the front panel. Already built into the dashboard and ready to run, the Android Auto works as an infotainment system with all necessary pre-installed apps, including Google Maps, phone, voicemail, music, and so on. Everything runs on voice command, so no more dangerous situations of looking down while driving to change the radio station, song or even text.
  3. “Are We There Yet?”
    This is a smaller revolution for parents who can no longer put up with the ever-annoying and popular question from children. Similar to a screen on an airplane, the “Are We There Yet” app for kids runs in a back display or smartphone to show your children an animation of the distance and arrival time. It’s easy to program and could be the new go-to system for all cars and public transportation world-wide. No longer will arrival time be a mystery, as with this smart but simple app, everyone in the vehicle will know the car’s status.

  4. Maintenance Through Virtual Reality
    revolutionize car industry
    We are now in the generation of self-fixers, regular people who fix their own gadgets and mechanics with the handy help of Youtube videos and online tutorials. So it should be no different when it comes to cars. Introducing the Virtual Guide, an app that shows you how to change oil and perform maintenance duties. The app will connect to your car to understand its status, provide recommendations and show you a diagram and image of your car’s engine or interior. Using videos and tips, any beginner will be able to follow along.

  5. Manual Actions are in the Past
    As technology advances and we become so interconnected to it, manual movements and processes like locking cars through keys are no longer relevant. The entire lock and unlock system is already being integrated fully into smartphones and especially smart watches. However, the deviation away from keys is being taken even further, as engines will be remotely started from smartphones, as will the ability to honk the horn and flash lights. This is particularly helpful in situations where cars are stolen, as the GPS system will locate the car and even allow you to stop the engine safely and cause a raucous from afar.