Owning a car is awesome, however, one thing that is not all that awesome about it is a situation where your car gets damaged and requires maintenance. When faced with such a scenario, the first thing that usually comes to mind is to embark on a trip to the local mechanic or a service company such as Jenningsmotorgroup for a quick fix. However, it is worthy of note to state that this type of trip may not be all that necessary if you know some of the few tips that would be outlined in this article.

Get to know your car manual in and out

This is basically the bible of your car. Knowing where exactly to locate the necessary information may just be the shortcut for you to easily identify the root cause of any car issue when they do arise. You may even have the opportunity to be able to avoid taking the trip to the mechanic if only you are able to understand that your problem is a result of not understanding your car controls.

Aside from having a knowledge of the model and make of your car, it is also quite helpful to know the exact trim level for the technician as this is useful identifying the size of the engine as well as configuration.  Also, you should be aware of the interior colors and exterior paint codes in the event of a body repair. Also, ensure that your vehicle identification number is always available as this code will be needed when you are going for car servicing.

Make a choice between the dealership service and independent corner garage

Dealership technicians are noted to be nothing less than specialists; they are usually trained by the manufacturer and usually only work on your car make. A number of dealers have a training program for their staff members who compose of the service manager, support staff as well as service technician. However, it is worthy of note that the dealership route is often quite expensive comparatively speaking. Also, it is worthy of note that dealerships do not always have the best technicians for that matter. A number of independent automobile repair services are created by previous employees of dealerships who have a desire to operate their own repair store

Ensure that your records are in good order

Ensure that you properly document every single thing you do as regards to repairing your car and make sure that they are in your car. Records that are properly kept usually come in handy especially in terms of making a diagnosis of the problem of a car the first time. Records that are not complete can lead to time wasting car repair sessions. A car that has a properly documented repair history will help in telling your mechanic that you place a high value on high-value work as at when due and that you have done all you should ensure that your car is in good shape.

Find out if the technician is trained for your own car make

You should understand that cars and trucks are quite complicated machines and as such their characteristics are different from one brand to the other. It is therefore imperative that you ensure that your technician has gotten the relevant skill and training for your particular car make. This is especially so owing to the fact that certain procedures and tool which are not at the disposal of the average mechanic are usually needed to service your car.

Find out the cost

Before you engage the service of an automobile repair company, ensure that you know what the labor rate is. More often than not, shops usually put the rates in a location where they can be seen, hence, be observant and feel free to ask relevant questions in the event that you are not too clear. Also, it is vital you have an idea of how you would be billed for the job done. A number of shops actually bill on the basis of the projected repair times given by the car maker. A repair which may have been seen as minor by the service tech could end up taking the whole day based on the specifications of the car maker. Sometimes, depending on the situation, you might be able to claim the repair cost back. For example, damage caused by a pot hole can often be claimed back from the council. Be sure to check into this area.

Ask as many questions as you can

Whatever you do, ensure that you are not in any way intimidated. Feel free to ask certain questions about why certain things need to be fixed and how the technology should work. Ensure to ask about why something requires being fixed of how the said technology functions. As the customer, you have every right to know more about your car.


In summary, you may be able to avert all the stress and financial implications associated with getting your car fixed if and only if you are smart enough to adopt the aforementioned tips.