When it comes to selling your car, there are a number of paths to take. You can sell it to a dealer who will then flip it on to their customers. You could take it to a car auction and see how it fares under the hammer. The most lucrative route is to sell privately. Whether online or in the local area, you’ll pick up the best price by handling the sale yourself. However, before you do, you’ll want to prepare your car for sale.

Prepping your old car is essential to squeezing that last bit of value out of it. When it comes to offloading an old car, you want a quick and tidy sale. You want the best possible price so you can afford the shiny new motor that you love. Well, today we’re going to show you how to make that sale as easy as possible. These tricks will have buyers biting your hand off to be the first to drive it away. Let’s get stuck in.


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Check all the basics – First things first, make sure everything is running smoothly. A sensible buyer will want to check each of the essentials to ensure the car’s conditions. Don’t let them find any problems. A little maintenance will go a long way. Check the fluid levels and replace or top up where it is low. Check the pressure and tread depth of the tyres too. The tread should be around 2mm thick and you ought to have a fully functional spare in the back.

Servicing – If there are any minor repairs, it pays to have them fixed before the sale. Any small niggles will drag the price of the car down and make it more difficult to sell. Take it for a full health check at the local garage and make any small repairs. If it’s coming up to MOT time, make sure you pay for the MOT testing. It guarantees buyers twelve months of hassle free driving. You can’t put a price on this peace of mind.

Give it a good clean – This might seem superficial, but it will make a big difference. Perception is everything when it comes to selling cars. It may be eight years old, but a good clean can make it look half its age. Give the car a deep, thorough clean on the inside and the outside. Use wax and buffer to make the finish shine. A clean car gives the impression that the entire vehicle is well looked after. Buyers will assume the engine has been treated with the same respect and care.

Get all the paperwork together – Finally, pull together every document you can for the car. Ensure that new buyers have access to the original hand book. Most importantly, show them the service history. It will tell them about every oil change and service the car has had. It will also list the mileage at various intervals so they can match it to the car. Again, it’s just peace of mind for the buyer which will go a long way.

Preparing your car for sale isn’t rocket science. Just put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Make it is simple and easy as possible. Give them peace of mind and make the car shine. Easy! Best of luck with your sale.