When money’s too tight to mention, finding a decent car for very little outlay can be an almost impossible mission to accomplish! Sure, the number of used cars on the market these days offers buyers an almost limitless choice, but if you only had say £1,000 to spend on the car (or even less than that), you might be resigning yourself to the conclusion that you are headed straight for banger territory!

In today’s blog post I am going to explain you that it is actually possible to get a “decent” car for the money, even if you’ve little money to spend in the first place! Sadly not everyone has £20k to spend on a brand new car but by following these top tips you can still get behind of a reliable, modern and even well-equipped car for less.

Set a budget

In the million and one pages on the Internet that you’ve read on “how to buy a car”, every single one would have told you that you need to set a budget. I know this is common sense, but you would not believe the amount of people that go out shopping for cars and end up paying more than they can afford – especially if they have been talking into a finance deal!

You might only have £500 to spend on a car, or even £1,000. Maybe you could stretch to £3,000? Whatever money you’ve got put aside for the purchase of your next car, don’t spend any more than that. For the budget end of the car market, it’s just not worth it spending lots.

Set an age limit

Obviously a car that is “old” will cost you less than one that is brand new, but you really do need to set yourself an age limit for the car you want to buy. Here are my recommendations, based on budget:

  • £3,000 – 7 years;

  • £2,000 – 8 years;

  • £1,000 – 9 years;

  • £500 – 12 years.

Of course, this is just a rough guide as it depends what car you buy. For example, I have been recently looking at BMW 5 Series Touring cars and I have seen some 11-year old models go for around £3,000 upwards whereas if you spend £3,000 on a Vauxhall Astra estate you will find that 6-7 year old models are plentiful.

Look everywhere for your next car

If you are trying to find cheap used cars in Glasgow, you will probably be looking on the World Wide Web only; after all, Glasgow is a big city! But there are numerous offline sources that you can go and check out to buy your next used car bargain, such as local newspapers, car auctions, and even walking down streets that are lined with used car dealers!

Believe it or not, many dealers don’t use the Internet to advertise their cars for sale, so it’s worth investigating what’s available locally and not just solely relying on the Web to help you out.



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