If you’re looking for a new car, it’s likely you’ll go to a dealer. It’s hard to trust people who are selling online, and not worth the risk. Nobody wants to end up with a dodgy car. The number of manipulated vehicles on the road is rising. The best way to avoid getting stung by these crooks is to go to a registered, reputable dealer. The problem is that these salesmen can be more expensive. They’re intimidating too, or at least they’d like to be. With the economy still struggling and family finances tight, how is it possible for you to save money in this area?


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The best way to get a headstart on the dealer is through information. Knowledge is power, and it’s vital to have the upper hand. Research the type of cars that you wish to buy. Get to know what to expect. Many sites, such as Scotland’s Car Buyer, offer free used car valuations, so you can get an idea of how much you should be paying. They’ll also buy your old car from you too – ensuring you’ve got the budget for your new vehicle.


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Once you’ve got a handle on the detail, it’s time to go down to the showroom. If you’ve picked a dealer, then research them too. See what sort of deals they are offering. Many will have payment options and discounts that may not be visible in-store. Be aware of all these things. It could help to save you a fortune.

Right – now you’re in the showroom, with your dream vehicle in front of you. The salesman is there too, and it’s a certainty that they’ll want you to pay as much as possible. Remember – the price in the windscreen isn’t fixed. You can and should be aiming to do much better than that. If you’ve done your research, you’ll know that it’s too high in any case.


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Don’t let the dealer schmooze you with chatter or fob you off with excuses. It’s all an act. They are always smooth and suave, but you’re the one with the power. They’re always able to come down, and the lowest price is never what they say it is. It’s tough, but you’re going to have to haggle. You can save hundreds of pounds by haggling. The key is to have a price fixed in your mind. Be confident. Know what you want to pay. If you’re stubborn as a mule, the dealer will come down. They are dependent on your business, don’t forget, and not the other way around. Go into the negotiations with an air of indifference. After all, if they don’t lower their price, you can always go elsewhere.

Put all these ingredients together, and you should be able to drive away from the showroom with your bank balance intact. Buying from a dealer is half knowledge and half bravado. You need to know what you’re talking about, and act like you do too. With those two weapons in your armoury, you’ll be able to out-muscle any salesman you like.


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