Choosing the right parts for your ride can be a challenge. Some people swear by OEM ATV parts and motorcycle components while others feel only aftermarket parts fit the bill. Here are a few pros and cons of both types to prepare you for your Kawasaki’s next big overhaul.

Quality Controlled

One of the beliefs about OEM parts is that they’re going to be of higher quality than other options. Since these components have been made by Kawasaki with specific machines in mind and with the design history and blueprints behind them, this is often the case.

There are some instances where aftermarket motorcycle parts can be just as good as, if not better than, their counterparts. Sometimes third-party companies can fix problems that the OEM isn’t willing or able to address, making them a much better option.

Unwarranted Warranty

Motorcycle OEM parts have one big advantage over other options: They are much less likely to void Kawasaki’s warranty on your ride. By replacing components on your bike or ATV with only certified products, you’ve got a much better chance that if something goes wrong you’ll have support as well.

While an aftermarket part might have its own warranty, it’s much less likely to extend onto the machine as a whole. If you’re fixing up an older vehicle that is out of guarantee already, this is much less of a concern since there’s literally nothing to void.

Cost Conundrums

Pricing is another important factor when looking to OEM over aftermarket products. Traditionally, when you’re purchasing straight from Kawasaki, you’re paying for their name along with extended warranty practices. This can add up quickly.

Conversely, aftermarket products are often found at much lower price points. That’s not to say some third-party components will always be cheaper, especially when purchasing top-quality parts to trick out your ride.

Before filling your shopping cart with replacement parts or upgrades, make sure you weigh the benefits and drawbacks to your choices. The differences between OEM ATV parts and motorcycle components and aftermarket options can make or break your favorite ride!