People buy cars for all sorts of reasons. Some buy cars because they like the look of them, whereas others want reliable workhorses that don’t cost a fortune to maintain. Sure, there are car manufacturers that create cars that offer a balance of the two, but often they are not very popular with consumers for various reasons.

However, there is one car manufacturer that offers the balance of style and reliability and never fails to impress the masses; I am, of course, talking about Toyota!

Are you thinking of buying a car soon? Are you seriously considering buying a Toyota but aren’t sure if this is the best make of car to get? In today’s blog post, I will go through the reasons why it makes sense for your next car to be a Toyota!


Certain car marques have negative connotations associated with them. For example, Romanian car manufacturer Dacia is known as a “cheap and cheerful” carmaker, except that, for many owners, cheerful is not one of the brand’s positive points due to the array of faults reported.

BMW owners are seemingly tarred with the stereotype that they are all bad drivers, and Honda drivers are tarred with two stereotypes – i.e. they are either “elderly and can’t drive”, or they are young and get involved in illegal street races!

But the great thing about Toyota is that it is a brand that suffers from none of those negative connotations.


One thing that any person will tell you, regardless of whether they are car enthusiasts or not, is that Toyota cars are extremely well-built!

Over the years, Toyota has heavily invested in its car production facilities in order to build better cars. They are also a car manufacturer that do care about its customers, which is why they are quick to issue recall notices on cars, regardless of the cost to them, instead of keeping quiet about any problems and “hoping” they go away!

Total cost of ownership

When consumers buy cars, one of the things that savvy shoppers do is determine what the car’s total cost of ownership will be. The uninterested will simply buy a car because it is cheap, but they will soon discover, to their horror, that their cheap car ends up being an expensive lemon!

According to Neil from Inchcape Toyota, most of Toyota’s cars are attractive to consumers because of their total cost of ownership. When we talk about total cost of ownership, we are referring to things like fuel consumption and economy, average repair costs (from both dealers and independent mechanics), depreciation and general build quality.

Most people want to buy a car that lasts a long time without having to plough lots of money into its maintenance. I have personally owned many cars over the years, and I have to say that any Toyota that I have ever owned has always been reliable and economical to maintain!

So, in short – go ahead and buy a Toyota!



Image via Flickr (credit: M 93)