Land Rover vehicles are not something that you would typically associate with “affordable” car ownership; after all, most Land Rover (and Range Rover) models are aimed at the middle to high-end segments of the market.

Still, even taking that information into account, it is perfectly possible for anyone to be able to afford a Land Rover. The trouble is, not many people know how to go about getting a model from this iconic marque without making themselves bankrupt in the process!

Luckily for you, my blog post today is about how you really CAN afford that Land Rover you have always dreamed of owning! Want to know how? Keep reading to learn more!

Be a savvy motorist and buy used

Buying a brand new Land Rover might sound extremely appealing to you, but not many people can afford to buy a Landie that has only recently been built! The obvious choice would be to instead opt for a used model.

As with all cars, Land Rover vehicles depreciate; this means that they lose value over time, with up to 40% of a Land Rover’s value lost in the first 12 months of its life! But luckily you can use depreciation to your advantage by choosing a model that is only a year old.

You will normally be able to take advantage of the remaining new car warranty on your choice of Land Rover, and the car will still be “new” enough to be a current model. Alternatively, you could look for deals on pre-registered models, especially when a new Land Rover is being released to the market as car dealers will want to get rid of their “old” stock sooner rather than later!

Consider how you are going to buy your Land Rover

Land Rover cars will obviously need to be paid for, but how you pay for it is entirely up to you (within reason, of course)! The cheapest way to buy one from a total cost of purchase point of view is to pay for it in cash, but unless you have a huge stash of money saved up in your savings account, this option isn’t for you.

The majority of Land Rover owners finance their vehicle, as do most car owners in the UK. Regardless of the finance option you go for, I would highly recommend putting up as big a cash deposit up-front as possible; this is so you can significantly reduce your monthly payments.

The following is the most-common Land Rover finance options available to you when you purchase from a Land Rover dealer:

  • Land Rover Freedom – this is a contract hire product available for the purchase of new and used Land Rover vehicles over a period of 20 or 48 months;

  • Land Rover Advance Payment Plan (APP) – as above, but you pay for the amount payable upfront;

  • Hire Purchase – this is where you pay a deposit and spread the balance over a period of time, after which you own your Land Rover outright.


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