Can you believe that there are a whopping 38 million vehicles licensed for use on the roads of Great Britain? Not only is this true but this number has increased almost every year since the end of the Second World War and shows no signs of slowing down.

The busy lifestyle that most Brits lead today means that having a car is a necessity rather than a luxury. In fact, one in six jobs that are advertised requires the applicant to be able to drive. With cars playing an ever more crucial part in our lives, the need for petrol stations is more important than ever.

Put your foot on the gas

If you’re interested in buying a petrol station franchise, then your investment will be repaid with the opportunity to run a lucrative and sustainable business. Not only will you make a significant profit from fuel sales, but you’ll also be able to maximise revenues through the addition of other services.

Thanks to the increased consumer demand for convenience, petrol forecourts have become so much more than simply a place to fuel up. Retail stores and fast food restaurants are increasingly becoming part of petrol stations all over the country in an attempt to meet the needs of the ‘on-the-go’ culture in the UK.

The success of stores on petrol forecourts have made them an important part of the market making up 17% of convenience retailers. The Petrol Retailers Association suggests that fuel stations are one of the highest performing segments within the retail market as they continue to grow in popularity.

Of course, the main reason for visiting a petrol station is the need to refuel and thanks to the growing reliance on cars as a primary mode of transport, this will provide a profitable and sustainable business with or without any other revenue streams. In 2017, for every £1 that was spent in the retail sector, 10p was spent on fuel.

Are you pumped to start your franchise?

Opening a petrol station franchise or buying an existing one can be a complicated process due to the amount of red tape that needs to be overcome. Liaising with local authorities, the Department of Energy and conducting environmental impact assessments can be a difficult task made easier with the support of an established franchise.

By choosing to invest in a petrol station franchise, you instantly benefit from the brand’s reputation, and a tried and tested business model. You’ll also gain valuable access to marketing support, business guidance and mentorship. All you will need to do is recruit the right employees to provide the service according to the proven franchise system to build a loyal customer base.

Do you have the dedication, commitment and determination to own and operate a petrol station? If the answer is yes, then you could be just the prospective franchisee that big brands such as BP are waiting to hear from.

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