Although a quick glimpse at road accident starts might have you thinking otherwise, it’s becoming safer than ever to drive a car. Of course, accidents and deaths on the roads are never likely to end, but we are getting closer to that dream. And, it’s technology that is driving those changes. Today, we thought we would take a look at some of the amazing developments that are making waves in the car safety world.

The rear view camera

It wasn’t so long ago that rear view cameras were solely the preserve of the wealthy. These days, however, they are fitted to most new cars. They are helping people to avoid pranging their cars while reversing. And, they are also giving them a chance to see pedestrians who might be walking around the back. Even more impressive is the tech developed by Infiniti for their JX model a couple of years ago. Not only does their camera show you what is behind you, but it also cuts out the engine before it collides with anything.



Lane keeping and collision intervention

Infiniti was also responsible for some cool tech that enables a car to ‘see’ road markings and oncoming traffic. It gives drivers a little nudge when they are crossing those lines and help them keep on the straight and narrow. A lot of crashes and accidents occur when drivers go outside of these clear boundaries, so it would be great to see this tech in more models. Plenty of cars are also arriving on the market with collision intervention, too. This will apply automatic brakes when you are about to hit a car in front of you. Again, this technology is springing up in the cheap car market these days, which is great to see.

Run flat tyres

Run flat tyres have been optional extras for many years now, but manufacturers have started to fit them in a lot of new models. They give your car the chance to drive on after a blowout or deep puncture, and stop it from swerving out of control. In fact, you can even drive it for a distance with no air pressure at all in the tyre. This makes it an essential safety feature, given the horrendous accidents that blowouts can cause on motorways.

Drink driving checker

It’s not surprising that a self-administered breathalyzer has caused considerable controversy. But, the reality is that it saves lives. The trouble with drink drivers is that they think they can handle a car just as they would sober – but the reality is devastatingly different. With a substance abuse detection system in place, drink drivers won’t even be able to start the engine. There are issues with privacy and tracking, of course. But that’s a small price to pay for saving lives on the road, surely?
Well – there you have it. Four modern technologies that are helping people stay safe on the road. We would love to hear from you if your car has any other cool features that improve car safety. Or, indeed, if you have ever avoided an accident thanks to using them. Let us know and get involved with the conversation!