Ah yes, the yellow school bus. Even if yours wasn’t yellow, the thought of that school bus pulling up outside your stop in the morning conjures up nostalgic memories. Okay, so not all of them are always positive, but they are memories nonetheless.

Although you may know what happened to the school bus driver, after they retired, do you know what happened to your school bus? It’s not something that many people think about. However, many used school buses end up at The Bus Center and may have been put to interesting use, as you will see in the following post.

Rustic Living

We have seen a fair few school buses that have been converted into minibus/motorhome style accommodations. They have that interesting size and shape that makes for very long living quarters, but you can fit a lot inside them if you think outside (and inside) the box.

Steampunk Style

If you ever thought about converting an old bus that had seen better days, wouldn’t you just jump at giving it a Victorian steampunk look? Well, there is always one out there that has done that, and we’ve seen the pictures and were surprised at how great it looked.

The Bus Becomes the School

There is a certain sense of right to this. Some people have taken old school buses and converted them into school ‘classes’. These are often used when space is limited for evening classes and education programs for adult learners.

Bob Waldmire’s Road Yacht

Simply put, spellbinding. This is an awesome piece of conversion mastery. It has been put up on display at the Route 66 Associations Hall of Fame and must be seen to be believed. Essentially, the front looks like a normal yellow school bus, that has been augmented along the body and converted into a wooden longboat. Weird, baffling and yet totally amazing.

Food Truck

If you are interested in converting your own, but don’t know the first place to start, you could do something relatively simple in concept. Take some of the food trucks that are cropping up. Many of these began life as school buses. By tearing out the inside and replacing it with kitchen equipment and prepping stations, you then have a vehicle that can also be used as an eatery.

Two for The Price of One

Have you ever found it difficult to choose between a good old-fashioned Volkswagen camper van, you know the hippy kind and a school bus? Some clever so and so’s have managed to combine the two into one humungous behemoth of a vehicle. We are not sure how comfortable we would feel sitting in the top deck, but from the pictures there are circulating on the ‘net, it looks extremely cool.

So, if you can afford to pay for an old bus, and have a little creativity between your ears, you could do something magical with and follow in the footsteps of the clever people behind the creations highlighted above.