Not a lot of people realise this, but timing can play a crucial part in whether you get an acceptable deal or a completely mind-blowingly awesome one when you buy a used car! It might sound a bit strange, but timing really can affect what sort of deal you can get.

If you are thinking of buying a used car in the near future, follow these top tips to ensure that you buy your car at the right time – i.e. when the deal is more favourable for you, not for the car dealership or the finance company!


Photo Credit: Janitors (via Flickr)

Don’t buy a car on the weekend

Car dealers know that most people work full-time Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, so the only time they really have to sort things out in their lives is on the weekend. You might have noticed that a lot of car dealers tend to have promotions or special offers that occur on the weekend only; this is so they can entice more customers to visit their showrooms and buy cars!

In comparison, you don’t see the same volumes of customers visiting a car dealership during the week, so if you are planning on buying a used car soon, take a day off during the week!

According to the Hilton Garage reviews website, a lot of savvy car shoppers are starting to do this, especially during a Monday, so it’s worth taking advantage of this fact before there are no more early-week deals to be had!

Shop for cars at the end of the month

Most people will know that car salespeople earn their living on a basic salary but can supplement their income by selling lots of cars; in other words, the more cars they sell each month, the better their pay packet is at the end of the month!

These salespeople will have some kind of a target to meet, whether it is by the volume of cars or the total combined value. Usually, their targets end by the end of each month and then get reset on the first day of the following month, so if you head over to a car dealership on the first week of the month, they aren’t going to be inclined to offer you an attractive deal on your dream car.

Some car salespeople will get a bonus if they meet and exceed their targets at the end of the month, and all salespeople are able to negotiate on price or throw in a few extras such as dealer options in order to close the deal.

Consider buying a car just before Christmas

In the days leading up to Christmas, everyone is just thinking about having some well-earned time off from work. A lot of folks might head off on holiday to sunnier climes, and so you won’t see many people buying a car.

Use this knowledge to your advantage by purchasing your next used car just before the dealer closes for Christmas, as they will be desperate to sell cars before the end of the month (and year)!